Filters are a way to refine listing results based on one or more conditions.

How to use

To add a filter you have to use the query param key filters with the following format: filters[column-name][operator]=value

Example: Fetching customers from United States


is the endpoint where all the rows are returned, limited by the default limit, which is 200.


filters the customers to only those with country equal to us.

Also filters[country][eq]=us can be simplified to filters[country]=us

To add another filter you have to separate each filters with the ampersand symbol (&).

Example: Fetching customers from New York, United States


Example: Fetching customers from New York and New Mexico, United States


By default all condition are grouped in AND logical operators, the example below will explain how to use or operator:

Example: Fetching customers from New York and New Mexico OR Oregon and Louisiana, United States


Note: Directus does not support relational filtering or multiple filters for the same column (yet).

Supported Operators

Operator Description
=, eq Equal to
<>, !=, neq Not Equal to
<, lt Less than
<=, lte Less than or equal to
>, gt Greater than
>=, gte Greater than or equal to
in Match one of the value in the list
nin Not match any value in the list
null Is Null
nnull Is Not Null
contains Contains a string
ncontains Not Contains a string
between Is Between
nbetween Is Not Between
empty Is Emtpy
nempty Is Not Empty
has Has one or more related entries
nhas Has zero related entries

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