$this->tax->setShippingAddress($country_id, $zone_id);

Set the shipping address for working out Tax on destination.

$this->tax->setPaymentAddress($country_id, $zone_id);

Set the payment address for working out Tax on Payment country and zone.

$this->tax->setStoreAddress($country_id, $zone_id);

Set the location of the store for working out Tax on the physical location of the shop itself.

$this->tax->calculate($value, $tax_class_id, $calculate = true);

Calculate the amount of Tax payable.

$this->tax->getTax($value, $tax_class_id);

Return the amount of Tax to pay.


Return the name of the tax rate which is payable for displaying to the customer.

$this->tax->getRates($value, $tax_class_id);

Return the names of all the tax rates which are relevant to the customer.


Checks to see if there are Tax classes set up in the admin section of the store.

Last update: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 14:32:15